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FRP Bypass APK is also name as the FRP Bypass Tool. The Apk program is used in unlocking Factory Reset Protection provided by Google. If the user forgets the account ID and the password of the Google account after having a factory reset, the FRP Bypass apk can use in accessing the Google account.

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Many users are facing the Google account locked issue at times, and they want to know about the solution to get out of the trouble. To get to know about Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection on their Android device, they can get the exact idea through this.

Google released the Factory Reset Protection that protects the user's device in case of losing it. The system of Bypass is useful after the user forgets the Android device and forgets the Google Account password thoroughly.

What is Google FRP Bypass APK?

The Factory Reset Protection is the security patch developed by Google. If the user loses the device some how, the process can use in protecting the device from illegal access.

As it needs the Google account access, any other person cannot have procedure by themselves on an unknown device.

FRP method first introduced in some Android devices like LG, Samsung devices and some others. Although the method FRP provides much security, it will be an issue when the user forgets the password of the Google account. So, the FRP Bypass APK file introduced to solve the issue by activating the locked Google account.

FRP Bypass Apk file : Google Factory Reset Protection Easily

Now, all of the Android smartphones and tablets runs with at least Android 5.0 and they comes with a security patch. To Bypass the Android FRP lock, the users need to follow some simple steps for the procedure to get completed.

There are two methods that can proceed in unlocking the Google account. You will be able to unlock the account if the user lost the device or forgets the password of the account.

The two methods of having FRP Unlock is,

  • FRP Bypass with OTG.
  • FRP Bypass without OTG.

Factory Reset Protection Bypass with OTG

To continue in FRP Bypass with OTG, the users need to have a USB drive, OTG cable, and a PC. If you have these requirements, you can follow these steps in completing the action.

  1. First of all, download the FRP Bypass Apk file. You can have it downloaded by the given download link.
  2. Copy the downloaded Apk file to the USB Drive.
  3. Start the issued Android device.
  4. You will see the setup wizard when you follow the basic instructions given.
  5. On the program screen, enter the Google account details.
  6. As you do not have exact details, you have to enter any of details you have.
  7. Using the OTG cable, connect the Android device and the USB Drive together. You can use a USB cable in connecting.
  8. A File Explorer will opening on your Android device.
  9. Open the folder on Android device where the Apk file located.
  10. Tap on it to install.
  11. Once the installation begins, the device will block the installation.
  12. Simply go to Settings and enable Unknown Sources. Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources
  13. After enable completes, tap on the "Install" button again.
  14. After installation process finished, tap on "Open" and it will open settings menu.
  15. Scroll down on settings and go to Backup and Reset option. Go to Factory Data Reset and tap on the confirm button.
  16. This will remove old Google account, and user can continue with a new account.

If you complete all above steps, now you have succeed in accessing the Google account on your Android phone.

Factory Reset Protection Bypass without OTG

The above method mentioned the procedure of having FRP Bypass method with a OTG. But, in this method, the apk file can Bypass without using a OTG cable. So, you have to have a strong internet connection that is working without errors. If you confirm the working internet connection, get started with FRP Bypass Tool on Android devices.

  1. Turn on the Android device.
  2. A set up wizard will appear on the screen.
  3. Follow on screen instructions and select and connect with internet connection.
  4. The FRP Bypass instructions will show the path and you will need to open the keyboard and and tap on the settings.
  5. Next, go to Menu and next feedback.
  6. Type whatever you want to write and choose the share option.
  7. Choose the messaging option and then new message and type any number in To section and next go to contacts icon.
  8. Tap on the call icon and when the dial pad opens, type ##4636##.
  9. Tap on the usage statistics options and tap on the back button. Go to settings menu then.
  10. Tap the backup and reset option. Next, do factory data reset and confirm it.
frp bypass apk download

Through this method, you can successfully Bypass the Google account verification through the FRP Bypass Tool. Google FRP lock issue can solve as this.

FRP Bypass Apk Requirements

You need these requirements to have the Bypass FRP lock.

  • Android device have to have Android Lollipop or above Android version.
  • Working internet connection for downloading and connecting to the required connection.
  • Windows PC.

Bypass FRP Lock Tool List

Here is the best working FRP Bypass Tools list. Check out these,

  • FRP lock Google Verification Bypass Tool
  • Apk Download for Android
  • Remote Account Bypass Removal
  • GSM Flasher ADM Bypass FRP Tool
  • Working FRP/Google Account Bypass and Flashing Tool
  • Pangu FRP Bypass Apk
  • FRP Bypass Solutions
  • Samsung FRP Helper v0.2
  • Android Lock Screen Removal Tool to Bypass Lock Screen
  • D&G Password Unlocker Tool

Download FRP Bypass APK

FRP Bypass Tool

Here are the methods available to Bypass Factory Reset Protection.

  • Bypass Factory Reset Protection With Odin
  • Sidesync Method Bypass Factory Reset Protection
  • Flash Method Bypass Factory Reset Protection
  • Bypass Factory Reset Protection with Quick Shortcut Maker Method
  • Bypass Factory Reset Protection using account login method
  • Easily Bypass Factory Reset Protection through serial/TCP Terminal

How does the Bypass FRP work on Android Device?

Factory Reset Protection Apk is a tool that allows the Bypass of Google Account Verification lock. Factory Reset Protection is the latest added features for all Android systems.

This system protects the data of the device when it gets threatened. After the factory data reset, if the user does not have the account logins, the users cannot get accessed the device without the Bypass FRP.

The FRP protection automatically enables through the Google account manager when the account creates for the first time.

After having the reset, the user cannot enter the mobile device without the Google lock. The Bypass FRP Tool for PC is the application that deleted the locked Google lock and unlock the Android phone within minutes.

How to use Bypass FRP Lock Apk on Android 11

If you lost your Google account password on an Android 11 device, you can follow these steps and complete in having Factory Reset Protection Bypass.

  1. Switch on your Android 11 phone.
  2. Tap start and connect to a Wifi network.
  3. Go back to the welcome FRP lock screen.
  4. Tap the language as English.
  5. Go to Wifi network page and tap on "Add Network".
  6. Type anything on the system and hold the browser icon.
  7. Tap on "Language Settings" option.
  8. Select add keyboard.
  9. Select English.
  10. Tap on 3 dots, next Help and Feedback.
  11. Now search for YouTube.
  12. Play the YouTube video tutorial and tap on 3 dots and watch later icon.
  13. Tap on User icon and next Settings -> About -> Terms & Services.
  14. Next, tap on Search.
  15. Download the Bypass FRP application.
  16. Tap the 3 dots on top side right corner and select Downloads.
  17. Tap Install and install Android 8_9_GAM.apk
  18. Now install, FRP_Bypass.apk
  19. Tap on 3 dots and select Chrome browser and next browser sign in.
  20. Now sign in with account ID and the password.
  21. Restart your phone.
  22. Setup all related initial steps.
  23. Account will get added.
  24. All are done.

Bypass Google FRP Screen On a Samsung Device using OTG

Bypassing the Google FRP screen on a Samsung phone is not that harder. You have to have a Windows PC and an OTG cable.

bypassing the google frp screen on a samsung phone

You can follow the below mentioned steps in bypassing the FRP screen on a samsung device.

  1. Download Samsung Bypass FRP lock Apk.
  2. Locate on it and click on it.
  3. Install it n your Samsung phone.
  4. Open it and launch it.
  5. Go to the FRP app and go to Settings.
  6. You can access device settings through this.
  7. On next screen, navigate Backup and Reset device option.
  8. Next select, Factory Reset.
  9. It will erase all data on the device.
  10. Wait for the reboot.
  11. Once the reboot finished, the procedure is done.

FRP Bypass Tool works on Samsung devices as above. You can use Bypass FRP and activate the accounts and having reset to the device. Google Factory Reset Protection remove Google lock on Google account manager on Android smartphones as above.

The Bypass FRP procedure is a multiple device support method. Most Android devices get locked due to the gmail account gets locked.

Technical Features

App Name: FRP Bypass Apk
App Size: 1.3MB
Type: Android Package Archive
Requirement: Android 5+
Supported versions: Android jellybean and above
Latest version: 2.1

What is Google FRP?

Google FRP or Bypass the Google account protects mobile devices from information threats. It might be a theft or hacking, but the information get protected by getting stolen.

If anonymous user attempts on a Factory Reset or use Browser Sign in to access your data by using account password, it will lock the device instantly. The Google FRP is differ from other similar apps called FRP applications, external tools or apk files.

Bypass FRP Feaures

Not like other FRP tools, Bypass FRP lock method bypass Google package details just using few simple steps and its features. You can save your personal data from stealing or leaking using the FRP unlocking tool.

  1. Fast functionality
  2. The application works fast, so the users do not want to wait too long.

  3. Easy to use
  4. No complications inside the system. The instructions introduced to support beginners to tally with the procedure.

  5. Multi device support
  6. The program is able to use in many devices including Samsung, LG and Huawei.

  7. Can operate alone
  8. Without needing technical help, the users can operate the procedure all alone. It is that much reliable.

You can download all FRP bypassing tools from list below.

  • Galaxy App Store
  • Open Google Search
  • Open Device Settings
  • Google App Settings Access
  • Short Maser
  • Account login
  • Google Play Services
  • Apex Launcher
  • Development Settings

Download FRP Bypass without bend into download FRP tools in other types as the some FRP apps are not compatible with multiple devices. Have the latest version of the program and activate the locked device through the system. You can succeed in unlocking if you use the program as mentioned on each step successfully. Bypass FRP fix the issues with the account settings effectively.

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