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Google account manager is an utility app developed by Google in order to avoid a factory reset of your device as in you will be asked to enter the google account username and password. Moreover this app gives extra security when a hacker tries to sign in your account and tries to access your phone , then they will have to enter the account username and password of your account. But at times you need to factory reset and in a situation where you have forgotten the password google account manager will help you to get out that issue by acting as a medium which produces data communication between your google account and your smart phone. Google account manager is 7.9MB in size and the version code is 23. You need a minimum RAM of 512 MB in order to Download the google manager app and Android Marshmallow 6.0 is the minimum version required that will support the google account manager app.

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The google account manager android application is used to avoid the factory reset protection in to one's phone. So in case if you forgot your username and password that you signed in to your phone , then Google Account Manager application will help you to bypass the security feature and will let you factory reset your smart phone. The google account manager it has the ability to manage multiple google accounts respectively. It can synchronize information between all your google devices. google account manager helps your google account management and all your google applications.

How to download google account manager APK in to your smart phone

first download the google account manager android apk file from a third party app store. As the google account manager a third party app google account manager will not be in the play store. After the download you can Bypass the factory reset protection quickly on your smart phone by using the google account manager apk android application.

If you don't need others to use your phone or sell your device without the authentication process, then you can disable this feature and turn off it on your smart phone. To disable the factory reset protection, first you need to go the settings of your smart appliance. Then follow the " google Account option and tap on the Google" option. At the bottom you will see the "remove account" option, click on that. So after you choose remove the account option a factory reset will be required to use it by another person if he/ she needs to access your device.

For the factory reset you need to access the settings of your smart phone and find the "Advanced" option and then select the "reset and erase all data" option. Then all the data and information will be erased on your smart appliance.

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Features of the google account manager

google account manager
  1. Free of charge
  2. To download google account manager no money is needed as it is free. you can download it easily from a third part app store or website.

  3. Works well on all devices
  4. To manage the google account manager apk Android application your device should contain an android smart device above Android 6.0 version.

  5. Reliable
  6. Google account manager is developed by the app developers making sure that it is safe and that it does not provide any security risks or internet issues. Also your data will not be lost by using this google account manager android app.

  7. User friendly
  8. As the navigation is good, it helps to Bypass the factory reset security protection using the google account manager app. And this app can handle one or more google accounts simultaneously.

  9. Sync
  10. All the data of the apps and games will be synced automatically when logging in to the new google account. Moreover , you have the chance to delete inactive accounts.

List of the devices that support google account manager

  • Alcatel
  • Motorola
  • Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7, S8 Edge, Samsung Galaxy J7 prime, Samsung ON5 , ON^, ON7, ON8 , ON9 ,Samsung Galaxy A5,A6, A7, A8, A9
  • Sony Xperia
  • Huawei
  • LG
  • HTC
  • Google Nexus (all versions)
  • Google Pixel Phones (all versions)

With the Google account manger you can add an extra layer of security on your android device while you can sync all the data between devices with your email and password and most specifically you can bypass the factory reset security protection easy and safely. Download google account manager in to your android smart device and choose this option to enjoy these features.

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