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Google Account Manager is a sophisticated Google Android app that has been included by default since Android version 5.0 (Lollipop). The app assists you in resolving issues with getting into your Google account or making changes to your device data settings.

Its main tasks

Google Account Manager also allows you to manage many Google accounts on your device and syncs data across all devices. It also stops you from wiping off vital data on your Android phones by restoring FRP (Factory Reset Protection) in the event your phone is lost or stolen.

Why Google Account Manager APK?

You may require Google Account Manager APK if you require assistance in managing Google accounts on your Android Smartphones. Also to help FRP Bypass APK Lock. If you ever forget your Google accounts passcode, this app comes in handy.

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This app keeps all the data of your accounts synchronized across all the other devices running that are connected to the same account. If you replace your mobile phone, just entering your prior Google account information will restore all the data from older phones to the new Android devices.

Google Account Manager 8.0 APK

For evading the FRP lock, Google Account Manager 8.0 is a well-known tool. For practically all sorts of devices on the market, this tool offers the highest success rate.

8.0 APK Tasks

If you're having trouble with FRP lock, you're using the correct tool for the job. If this utility does not work on your device, you can use the Technocare app instead. It's possible that this Google manager app isn't compatible with your device. However, Technocare will address your problem. In terms of bypassing the FRP lock, both tools have the highest success rate.

However, this is the most popular tool for bypassing FRP Lock. Since FRP demands after resetting the mobile, you have to enter Gmail ID prior.

Features of the Google Account

Manager App

The 'Account Manager - Google' can be regarded as one of the best apps which provide to add multiple accounts to a device and manage their access and verification services.

Main features

As the features of the Google Account Manager, it helps to Bypass FRP Lock on your Android mobile phone which supports Google applications, Manage all by synchronizing Google Account information across all the devices. It also helps in the proper functioning of android apps and other Google services on android mobile phones.

Further, this would connect/access and manage all the Google Play Store services.

Additionally, most people have different Gmail accounts for different purposes. Thus, you have the ability to add other Gmail accounts with passwords then choose a verification method.

Also, this site helps to reduce spam.

Other features

  • Device management
  • The user has access to all Google-enabled devices. It sends you an email whenever you sign in from a new device or even from a different location. If you pin your address on maps but travel somewhere else, your account manager will give you a notification about the login.

    It is also possible to locate unclaimed devices using a Google manager app, and the user can flag them as unmarked in the event of an unknown sign-in. The activity of the device can also be viewed by the consumer.

  • Google Account Security and Data Recovery
  • The Google account manager app includes security features such as two stages of verification and a Security code. The account recovery feature is one of the most useful features. This option can be used to restore data. To do so, you must supply your account manager with the following personal information.

    However, this gives you a smooth functioning of all the apps and services related to the Google Account.

Google Account Manager Download | Google Account Manager APK 10 to 4.0 for free

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You may Download all of the current versions of Google Account Manager, including the most recent Nougat through Android 10 versions, which should help you remove the FRP lock. If you forget your Google account password, you may easily download it with only one click. To download it, all you have to do is click the account on your Android smartphone.

Download Google Account Manager

How to use Google Account Manager APK?

The Google Account Manager software is simple to use and requires no prior knowledge or settings because it will automatically set up all of the settings necessary to run your Android phone smoothly.

In addition, the Google account manager would link with Google Play and manage any Google Play Store services. and apps required to carry out the required Google account access.

In the worst-case situation, your Google Account becomes unresponsive, stops working, or behaves strangely, and this app is useless. Then you can try installing the GAM app from the Google Play Store, which can assist you with resolving issues with Google account services. This usually happens after you've installed a new ROM on your phone.

How to use Google Account Manager on Android devices

Android can be considered a trademark of Google Inc.


  1. First of all, the user has to make sure that the current number is connected to the Android device.
  2. Then, go to setting and open the Android device setting.
  3. Afterward, choose google or google accounts (it listed according to the users' Android smartphones or its operating system)
  4. Finally, you have to click on manage google account on the Android phone.

  5. google account manager on android devices

So that you can manage it by changing name, DOB, Password, Profile Picture, and you can manage your privacy, and much more.

How to use Google Account Manager on Computer


  1. You can use the link
  2. Then open your browser where you normally work, where your Gmail is logged in.
  3. After that, click on the Gmail icon (For chrome that is on top right)
  4. Finally, select manage your google account.

How to use Google Account Manager on iPhone and iPad


  1. For iPhone users, you can open your Gmail account.
  2. Then you have to tap on the options button > settings > your account > manage your account.
  3. Afterward, you can connect to your Google account and you can manage it according to your preference.
  4. For instance, you can manage, change the name, DOB, Password, Profile Picture, manage your privacy, and so on.

How to Bypass FRP Lock with Google Account Manager?

Using Google Account Manager is the simplest and most popular approach to FRP Bypass lock.

You can follow the steps below to install the Google Account Manager apk:

  1. Download the Google Account Manager APK first.
  2. Then, copy it to your phone once it has been downloaded.
  3. On your mobile device, Unknown Sources can be found under Settings> Security> Unknown Sources.
  4. To allow unknown sources, use the radio button.
  5. In File Manager, navigate to the location where the file is saved.
  6. To install this APK, follow the instructions of the Android.
  7. After you've completed the installation, go to your phone browser and tap on the three dots.
  8. Click Sign In after entering your Email address (Gmail) and the appropriate password.

You are now ready to go because a backup of your data will be produced and synchronized automatically.

Requirements To Download Google Account Manager

The user can download Google Account Manager for Android-based on your operating system. As a result, choose the version that best suits your Android OS.

The user can register for a new Google Account on your Android by downloading a new Google Manager. Check your Android's operating system to see if it's candy, marshmallow, Lollipop, jellybean, ice cream sandwich, or froyo.

You don't need a high-end smartphone to use the Google Account Manager app. On a low-cost smartphone, you can easily create an account and Download it. It will work properly, and the file size of the Google account is very small. Google accounts are secure, small, and simple to use. However, if you have patience, you can utilize this in your high-end smartphone; it is all up to you.

However, go for the website which provides a link. Install the latest version of Manager-Google Account through a website as this is one of the best apps provided to you!

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